Friday, January 31, 2014

Natural Health & DIY Blog

Hi Guys,

I haven't updated this blog in a while, but I wanted to update you with a new project I have going on. You can check out my new website here: Natural Health & DIY. This blog has tons of information about men's skincare, acne treatments, skincare articles like "what is toner" and other articles on diy and home acne care.
Most recently, we researched the benefits of using antibiotics for acne. Doctors will often prescribe antibiotics for acne, but did you know that this is a short term solution, and will never fully fix the problem? Adding to this, you cant stay on antibiotics forever, so you can only use them for a few months at a time. Once the course runs out, the acne comes back! Whats the point in that?
Check out the new blog for acne tips, and how to cure your acne! ->

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Socks!

AKA "footies" from Journeys

Call me oblivious, but i just recently discovered these socks.
I absolutely HATE it when I'm wearing shoes, and my socks show. For example, when i wear vans, moccasins, loafers, etc.
I bought a pair of shoes from journeys, and asked if they had any socks that would match my needs! A truly no show sock. The employee just whipped these out, and i was sold!
Journeys sells a three pack of these for only 10 dollars, compared to Vans who charges 6 dollars a pair!

Oh, and BTW these things get lost in the wash like no other, they get trapped in the plastic that seals the door in most washers, so BEWARE. ->
I just have to say,
that these are my favorite underwear.


Thats all! ->

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Cardigan


I LOVE cardigans, unfortunatly my shoulders are build like a 5 year old girl and I look terrible in them. However, most guys look really good in them. Usually guys with strong shoulders can really pull them off, these are not for the narrow shouldered!!!!
Forever 21 has a wide selection of cardigans for men, and they keep them very reasonably priced. These are a few of my favorite cardigans from Forever 21

click the arrow for more!






Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today's Dress.

this is what i wore today.

Lets start from the bottom,
vans slip on shoes
forever 21 jeans
urban outfitters white belt
forever 21 windbreaker
forever 21 puprple shirt
sunglasses from pac sun!


The Future of Mens Fashion

Murse, Man bag, a purse for a man.


Louis Vuitton seems to be leading the way in this department, attracting rich celebrity men to their ever so handy 'man bags'
Logically it makes sense, Women have a place to carry all of their items because they wear dresses withought pockets, and tight jeans where its difficult to fit the essentials in the pockets...

But fashion is always changing. Tight jeans are now popular on men as well. How are you supposed to fit your iPhone, Louis Vuitton wallet, chapstick, and keys in those pockets? YOU CANT! well... maybe, but then you look all bumpy. yuck.
So fashion is adapting to the necessity that men need somewhere to carry all of their junk.

here comes the Murse!

Here we have the handsome Christian Ronaldo carrying his signature LV bag

There it is again!

Ryan Reynolds? Yes, he does have a murse.

Bow Wow? Manly rapper? yes he has one!

And the list goes on and on!

Welcome to the future of mens fashion!


Wear These on a Boat?


Apparently to wear these you must be on a boat?
When i think of boat shoes i always think of dads. My dad owns at least 10 pairs of brown leather boat shoes, all the same style. Even though i classify these as 'dad' shoes, i LOVE them!

Urban Outfitters has plenty of styles of boat shoes, check em out after the jumpidy jump.

Lets start with my favs (not tmobile my favs...)

The rest come in different colors!



These shoes just scream "I'm a classy, I'm taking my yacht for a spin and i need something comfortable yet classy to sail in"